Our Specialist Meal Ranges   


We believe everyone should look forward to a tasty, nutritious and good looking meal, whatever you need. That’s why we’re so proud of our award-winning Specialist Nutrition range.

Whether you need a softer diet or you simply have a smaller appetite and want a manageable meal that leaves you feeling satisfied, our specialist meal ranges are a delicious option.

Our Softer Food Ranges

No one else has put more energy, effort and time into creating dishes that both taste delicious and meet the needs of those with swallowing difficulties who require a soft or puréed diet.

With more than 70 dishes in three different texture categories, you can choose precisely the right option for you. Whatever you order, we’ve done the hard work using carefully sourced ingredients as we do in the rest of our range so you can eat tasty meals at a texture that is easier for you to enjoy.

The proof? Along with our parent company, apetito, we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and our Head Chef, Phil, has won a Craft Guild of Chefs award for our Softer Foods. Oh, and the proof’s also in the puddings (and our savoury meals, of course) that just taste so good.

Our Softer Foods range is available in three different textures, Level 4 – Purée Meals, Level 5 – Minced Meals and Level 6 – Soft & Bite-Sized Meals.


Level 4 Meals

Dishes in this texture category are puréed and smooth with a consistent texture. They are then shaped into main meals so they look as good as they taste.

Purée Petite Meals

Our Purée Petite range offers smaller servings which are energy dense* so they give you a similar calorie and protein content as our larger Purée Classic dishes.

*Energy dense: at least 500 Kcal per portion.

See our Purée Petite range


Purée Classic Meals

Our Purée Classic range provides puréed meals for those who have difficulty swallowing and are the same portion size as our main meals.

They’re suitable for anyone requiring a Level 4 Puréed diet.

See our Purée Classic range


Pureé Breakfasts

From your more traditional cooked breakfasts, to warm fruity porridge, you can enjoy a delicious hot breakfast every day.

Pureé Shaped Sandwiches & Snacks

These shaped sandwiches are ideal as a lunch or light snack, so you have options for every mealtime.

Pureé Desserts

A delicious selection of hot and cold puréed desserts.


Level 5 meals

Our Level 5 Minced meals are soft, tender and full of flavour. They’re suitable for anyone who eats a Level 5 diet.

Minced Meals

This tasty selection of Level 5 Minced meals are tender and full of flavour.

See our Minced Meals range


Level 6 Soft & Bite Sized

Our Soft & Bite-Sized range is tasty and tender enough to mash with a fork and is the right choice for anyone who eats a Level 6 diet.

Soft & Bite-Sized Meals

These meals have been created by our team of chefs to be really tasty and tender. They have all the taste of regular meals but with a softer texture.

See our Soft & Bite-Sized range

Mini Meals Extra

These small, manageable meals are a perfect main meal for those with smaller appetites.

The dishes contain 501-522 calories and at least 20g of protein packed into one small serving.

See our Mini Meals Extra range

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Chef's Favourites

Our chefs have hand-selected their favourite meals and have individually refined each meal to ensure that you will love them as much as they do.

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