Beef Stroganoff Mini Meal Extra

Beef and mushrooms in a cream and white wine sauce with white rice.


Cooking Guidelines

Oven Instructions

Cook in pre-heated oven 160 C/325 F/Gas mark 3-4. If fan assisted 140 C/275 F. Typically 45 minutes or longer if necessary. Stir before serving.

Microwave Instructions

Cook from frozen. Do not pierce – cook with film lid on. Ensure food is piping hot. Once cooked do not reheat.Position the plastic container in the centre of the microwave oven. Cook on full power. Stir before serving.

Power Rating Cook Time Standing Time
700 Watt/Category D 9½ mins 2 mins
800 Watt/Category E 8½ mins 2 mins
900 Watt/Category E 7 mins 2 mins

If you use our Mikrofix microwaves then this meal requires number 23

Storage Instructions

Store at -18 C, do not refreeze once thawed.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Per serving
Energy (KJ) 715 2144
Energy (Kcal) 170 510
Fat 5.9g 18g
of which saturates 2.0g 6.0g
Carbohydrates 21g 62g
of which sugars 1.8g 5.4g
Protein 6.8g 20g
Salt 0.30g 0.90g

Ingredients Information


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